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The 3 Levels of Salvation: Spirit, Soul and Body

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Everest John Alexander - Bible Teacher and AuthorHi,

My name is Everest John Alexander and I'm the Author of Understanding The 3 Levels of Salvation: Spirit, Soul & Body and owner of this website.

I spend a lot of time on the Internet and I'm extremely concerned about keeping my identity and personal information safe from online predators.

You are probably like me and need to know that if you decide to do business with someone, that person is NOT going to violate your trust.

For this cause, you have my personal guarantee that ALL your information is going to be treated with the utmost respect and security!

I use a separate company, JVZoo to process the financial transaction.

I NEVER have access to your credit card, checking account or any financial information.

JVZoo uses the latest security technology to protect you and your information from the wrong elements.

In addition to this, I have absolutely NO interest in selling, renting or sharing your information with anyone.

I give you my personal word as a Minister of God that your information will NEVER be rented, sold or shared with anyone or any company, for any reason!

I've included my contact information below if you would like to speak with me directly.

Thanks for your business and may God continue to bless you richly!


Everest John Alexander

Address: 715 Mades Drive Fort Pierce, Florida 34947

Tel: 772-626-7579

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